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BNI is a 30 year old business and professional organisation that allows only one person from each trade or profession to join a chapter. BNI has over 170,000 members worldwide, in 58 different countries, from over 300 different types of profession… all of whom have benefited from increased referral business as a result of BNI.In 2014, BNI helped generate 6.6 million referrals which generated Rs. 54,000 crores (US$6.6 Billion) of business worldwide. [Read More]


BNI Sees Rs 54,000 Crore Referral Marketing Opportunity In India

BNI India NewsThe world”s largest business networking organisation, BNI, sees rapid growth in the referral marketing industry in India and it is now targeting the business of Rs 54,000 crore in the next 10 years. BNI offers its members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly, business referrals. BNI has ambitious plans for India, where it sees Rs 54,000 crore referral marketing opportunity. It has 159 chapters in India with over 6832 members generated 1816 worth of referral business. [Read More]


BNI Member Success Story

In October 2006, I had received a referral, from our National Director to contact Mr. Maheshwari who had a fleet of 70 cars and expanding. In July 2007, after ten months of follow-up, he purchased his first car through us. Since then we have been in constant touch with him. Today we are proud to tell you that till date (June 2011) we have given him a total of 71 cars, with a total business value  of Rs.4,10,54,200/- (USD $912,315) and growing steadily. Reena Wagle, Mangesh Auto Center, Automotive Sales, Mumbai [Read More]


BNI India Helps Generate Rs 1815. 80 Crores in 2014

BNI India is proud to announce that we have helped members generate over 1815.80 crores of business in 2014. A number of key initiatives over the last 12 months have helped produce these phenomenal results:

  • Increasing average chapter size to over 43.5 in India. Larger chapters create more referral and business opportunities for every members.
  • Helping chapters build POWER TEAMS.. [Read more]


The BNI Franchise Opportunity

Wall Street Journal BNIThe Wall Street Journal Names BNI in List of Top 25 High-Performing Franchises! BNI takes pride in its franchisees.  Our programme is tailored towards developing and supporting those new to our business, and we are committed to ensuring the best possible ongoing development for our teams. Our franchisees are motivated by helping others; they can create and lead a team in a positive and energetic manner.   [Read More]