Don’t hand me your business card first!

At a recent networking meeting, a gentleman walked up to me and introduced himself.  Initially, I really appreciated the fact that someone was showing interest in me and it was impressive.

After introducing himself to me, he then proceeded to tell me what he did and gave me the name of the company he represented.  Then he kindly handed me his business card, turned around and began the same process with his next victim.

I am a great believer that what others think of us is far more relevant to our success than what we think of ourselves!   This doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s hugely important we think well of ourselves.

The point I am making here is that whatever we do (and I do mean… whatever), how it has been perceived will have a far bigger effect than how you think you did.  Think about the times, when you read an email completely differently to how the sender intended you too, or when somebody heard you say something differently to what you thought you had said!

So let’s just focus on that business card of yours, shall we?

The scenario above shows that despite first impressions, the gentleman concerned was only interested in himself and showed no interest in me at all.  Ultimately, if you would like people to have your business cards, then ask for theirs first.  If they are polite, they will ask for your card in return and your goal will have been achieved.  If they don’t ask you for yours at the end of your initial conversation, you could try saying: ”Would a business card of mine be of interest to you?”

It is very unlikely that they would say no and whether they keep it or not, the way you asked will not only keep you in their mind, but will stand you out from the crowd, (positively, I might add).

To end, why not try this when you receive a business card in the manner of the gentleman I met recently: simply say… ”thank you so much… what would you like me to do with this now?”  Watch their face and enjoy!

What do you say when you receive a business card?

By: Phil Berg