BNI India – Strategic Partner for JACK CANFIELD LIVE

BNI India and Jack Canfield

BNI India is delighted to announce that we are a Strategic Partner for the premiere visit of international best-selling author & celebrity speaker JACK CANFIELD to Mumbai & Bangalore for his very 1st LIVE Inspirational seminar, “ THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES – Delivered! ” in April 2012, brought to you in partnership with Gautam Ganglani of Right Selection Group, Dubai & his India Partners – The Ideas Exchange, Mumbai & Scion MasterMinds, Bangalore.


Jack Canfield’s, “THE SUCCESS PRINICIPLES” Mega Event is being delivered in 3 cities

Dubai on Apr 10th, Mumbai Apr 12th & Bangalore on April 14th 2012


Enjoy the 2 personal video messages for BNI Members, one from Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder & Chairman of BNI & the other from JACK CANFIELD himself, personally inviting you to be a part of his premiere visit to India.


Jack Canfield personalized invitation Video for BNI Members: 

Dr. Ivan Misner Endorsement Video:


INDIA Registrations are now OPEN at with Special BNI Discount rates valid until March 1st 2012 reserved exclusively for BNI Members. We encourage you to Register Your Seat Online using the following discount codes for each city.


BNI Mumbai: BNI414JCM

BNI Bangalore: BNI414JCB

To view BNI SPECIAL Discount Rates Click here

Participate and benefit from one of the most exclusive learning opportunities in 2012!


For latest event updates see:  FacebookTwitterYouTubeLinkedIn (MUM), LinkedIn( BLR)


Success Principles




  1. Bipin says:

    This morning, I was invited to the BNI- Mumbai (Business Gennie) chapter networking meet. It was scheduled at 7.00 am at VITS, Andheri (E).

    I was impressed with the facilitated networking framework and structure they have created. It is driven by the strong desire on the part of the members to helping businesses create more word of mouth referrals which could possibly convert into real business. The first 45 minutes to one hour was available to members for a free flowing networking wherein you meet a whole lot of people from varied businesses and professions including the invitee visitors, much like the networking you would do at events.

    The interesting part of the meeting started after this. All BNI members including visitors were seated in a U layout. All BNI members based on the business group they belonged were given 30 – 60 seconds to talk about themselves and their business highlighting the kind of referrals or specific referrals they were seeking. Everyone else notes down details about your business, referral needs and further refers prospective customers from their network. The visitors were given 10 seconds to introduce themselves.

    This was followed by members sharing the referrals. These were truthfully recorded by BNI office bearers. The members sharing 5 or more referrals were recognized. A WING sheet was described. The sheet records the number of referrals given, received and visitors invited by each BNI member. Two members were asked to give a longer presentation about their business.

    The whole concept revolves around promoting each others business in their network. There are no commissions or fees involved and the only reason members are there is for business. What I liked most about the event was the honesty of purpose so visible in the members. There was lots of energy in the event.

    The visitors were given a brief orientation to the BNI and its membership procedure. BNI charges an annual membership fee.

    I have been part of several networking forums. BNI platform came across differently wherein everyone seem to exactly know what the other person was doing. The structured and facilitated manner of networking followed at BNI is far more effective. BNI tracks the volume of business generated within its network chapter.

    This was followed by breakfast and more networking. Thanks Sushrut Menje for inviting me to the chapter meet.

    • @Bipin – thank you for your positive feedback. Rena from my team will be in touch with you regarding your franchise enquiry. Regards Niiraj

      • Justin says:

        John,Just dropping a note to say thank you for all your help and reefarrls. I just received a call from Dianna from Clean as a Whistle who has offered her services for house/carpet cleaning. Since the house is currently being painted (by Doug Gorton, also your recommendation), I will have Dianna provide an estimate from the house once the painting is done. She was very thorough with the services offered and I am sure you gave her an idea of the condition of the house and what is needed. Stroope (again, your helpful recommendation) completed the first stage of extermination on Friday and will go back in either towards the end of this week or next. The local business community is very fortunate to have someone like you, as am I.Many thanks, and happy holidays.Mike

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